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Alfred Hospital

The Alfred hospital is the oldest hospital in Victoria, Australia. The Ball Tech system type BHS – 6” (BTS) was first installed on chiller # 3 in January 2004.( Trane chiller Model RTHC3LF)
For the purpose of testing, the BTS was turned off in January 2006. The chiller then remained in operation for five months (1800 hrs) without the BTS in operation. During this period the normal water treatment regimen remained unchanged.


Test Methodology
To measure the performance of the refrigeration system of the chiller, Trane Australia provided the data of x the operating conditions of the chiller during the testing. For each test, data on the following operating parameters at 70% of the full load condition were collected over a period of 3 to 5 hours at fifteen minute interval:
* Compressor motor current
* Condenser cooling water inlet & outlet temperatures
* Evaporator chilled water inlet & outlet temperatures
* Evaporator and Condensing Pressures


The cooling capacity was calculated from the evaporator chilled water inlet and outlet temperature data and the flow rate obtained by the measurement of the chilled water pressure drop across the chiller during each test. The power input of the compressor motor was calculated from the electrical supply voltage and the motor running current based on an assumed power factor of 0.98. The coefficient of performance of the chiller was then calculated from the cooling capacity and power input data.


The tests carried out on the chiller indicated an increase in cooling capacity of 8.9 % and an overall improvement in the system performance of 8.4 % after the Ball Tech system was back in operation.
The increase in cooling capacity and system performance will result in the compressor motor using less energy to achieve the same cooling effect. The improvement of the performance depends on the thickness of the scale and fouling deposits on the condenser tubes that has been removed.
The 8.9% increase in cooling capacity achieved after 1800 hours, that chiller annually runs time is about 6000 hours means, average annually cooling improvement is about 14.8% {(8.9/1800)*(6000/2)

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