Ball-Tech Energy

Ball-Tech Energy

Bangkok Airport Terminals 1 & 2



In October 1999, five Ball Tech ATCSs type BLS – 12” were installed at the Bangkok Airport terminals, one of them at terminal 1 and four of them at terminal 2.
Prior to installing the Ball Tech systems, the five, 1000 ton chillers were operating at almost 100% capacity. The typical condenser approach temperature of the chillers ranged from 2 deg. F up to 7 deg. F. The condensers were typically opened for tube cleaning and scale removal every 6 months.


All five Ball Tech systems (ATCSs) were installed within a week.

Quantifiable benefits of the ATCS operating inclouds:
After ATCS were commissioned, the following results were observed:


* The chiller's lode dropped by 15% - 20%
* Condenser's approach temperature reduced significantly, ranging 0 deg. F up to 0.9
deg. F depending on the load
* Energy consumption of each chiller dropped by an average of 20%
* After 12 months of operation sponge balls were counted and no one found
* Then condenser's cover was opened and inner surface of the condenser tubes
observed absolutely clean.


Bangkok Airport authority were satisfied for the good results of the Ball Tech systems and decided to purchase 2 more Ball Tech systems for terminal 1.

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