Ball-Tech Energy

Ball-Tech Energy

ST Microelectronics
Toa Payoh site Singapore



In August 1997,five Ball Tech Systems were installed onto the chillers at Toa Payoh site. Prior to installing the Ball Tech System, air-conditioning was provided by one 200RT,two450RT, one 500RT, chillers operating at almost 100% capacity. The typical condenser approach temperature of the chillers ranges from 2 deg. F to 5.6 deg. F.


Test Methodology
The service of an independent consultant was engaged to monitor the energy consumption of each chiller before and after installing of the Ball Tech Systems.


After the Ball Tech Systems were commissioned the following results were observed The loading on the chillers dropped by 15% -25%
The chiller condenser approach temperature reduced significantly, ranging 0 deg. F to 1.2 deg F. depending on the loading.
Energy consumption of each chiller dropped by 15%-25%. This is equivalent to an energy saving of US 45,000.00 / year.
During the 15 mounths of continuous operation, periodic audits were conducted. The audits have confirmed that the Ball Tech System have consistently maintained the results shown above. The systems have functions well, with no failure malfunctions.


STMicroelectronic have decided to insall the Ball Tech Systems on all their world wide sites chillers


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