Whirled Sand Media Filter

Ball-Tech Energy

Ball Tech Energy’s sand filters have been developed especially for water filtration in contaminated water applications where sand grains adhere to each other and cause filter clogging. In such applications, simple backwashing of the grains has proven ineffective.

Scale Remover

In Ball Tech Energy’s patented filter, every single sand grain is washed as a single unit. Replacing the sand in the filter, as is done in commonplace filters, becomes unnecessary
A Ball Tech Energy model WSMF-30 filter is capable of bringing water turbidity level of 35NTU down to a level of 2 NTU, taking into account a flow rate of 6 m3/hr


• 95% savings compare to any common known media back wash filter.
• Total water requirements for complete washing is up to 5% of the amount needed with any other sand media filter.
• Filter’s media does not coalesce into clusters therefore the filter's media does not clog.
• It is not necessary to replace or refresh the sand.


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